About Bill Martz

Bill Martz is an artist of the people, who for 35 years has been painting the landscapes, life, water, boats, wildlife and people of his part of the Chesapeake Bay.

Stacks of letters give testament to the fact that his work reflects the heart and soul of the Bay area. He has captured the hearts of its people as they have captured his.

As the Northern Neck along with the rest of the Chesapeake Bay area continues to slowly run the risk of losing its cultural identity and charm, Bill’s sense of urgency increases to get out each day and preserve on canvas this land and water that he loves. He paints the moods and the rhythms of the Northern Neck and brings to life the area’s sense of place.

He calls his style of painting “artistic realism”. His paintings are “arty” (or impressionistic) enough to know it is art and real enough to bring an emotional response if your heart is tied to the Northern Neck or any part of the Bay area.

“Bill Martz is best known as the artist of the Northern Neck” says the Northern Neck News.

“—his talent has brought forth (paintings) that replicate what everyone in the Northern Neck who lives here or has moved here wants to be a part of, to know, and take unto themselves.” says Ruth Herrink, publisher of the The Journal Newspaper.

“Shivering in shore bushes to capture ducks, or tonging with oystermen to learn the weight of their work, Martz sensed the rhythms of the Northern Neck and drew accurately from life” notes the Rappahannock Record referring to his book, The Northern Neck Illustrated Journal.

“The beauty of the Chesapeake Bay area, its marshes, the rivers, and the wildlife are brought to life in Martz’ oils.”

This website will give you an overview of his work. His reproductions and original work are available through his Shop & Gallery by appointment. If you would like to be invited to an invitational exhibit or visit our shop please feel free to call toll free 1-800-248-7281.

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