Precarious Encounter – A True Story

The story goes like this:

Bill was doing field work this spring by the water and heard a rustling in the brush.  A little skunk passed him and went into the underbrush.  A few minutes later he came out of the underbrush and Bill started taking pictures.  The skunk is only a few feet away.

Bill’s first shot is a little blurry.  I can certainly understand why.

The little guy still does not see Bill standing right in front of him.

He’s headed right for Bill’s foot.

Can you believe he still doesn’t see Bill?!

Here he comes.

His nose is right on Bill’s foot.

After this picture ——-he see’s Bill!     ——-Drum roll please————————

NOW the skunk see Bill’s foot!  (At this point, Bill thought it would be in his best interest to stop taking pictures.)

Then the skunk looks up —–fur stands up —– tail turns to the side ——–

And then relaxing ——it was as if he said, “Oh, Bill — you scared me — I didn’t know it was you.”

Bill starts taking pictures again and two old friends go their separate ways.   🙂

Going —



The End.  And we’re glad it was a happy one.



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