Reproductions (also known as Prints)

These are the available reproductions at a glance. Scroll to see larger images, descriptions and to order securely online.

( Explanation of giclee prints and lithograph prints is at bottom of page.)

Windmaster – Painted 15 years after it was conceived while Bill did field work at Stratford Hall, Virginia.  Colors lead your eye through the dark areas and the positioning of the limbs and leaves help you finish the journey.  The play of currents and wind on the water keep you in the painting as the Master of the Wind swoops down to begin a long glide over the Potomac.


Windmaster – Limited to an edition of 50 giclees on canvas 12″ x  18″ $495.00


Deep Wood Walk -A gobbler leads his hens up the ridge at daybreak.  The forest with its blanket of last year’s leaves shows the new year’s spring growth.

Deep Wood Walk

Deep Wood Walk – Limited to an edition of 25 giclees on canvas 12″ x 19″ $495.00

River Sunset -A lone deadrise moored at a pier that reflects the colors of the sky.  The brush work in the foreground gives the feel of what exists, but lets you know it’s a piece of art.  With a dimmer light you can choose how much time remains before dark.

River Sunset

River Sunset
– Giclee on Paper is limited to an edition of 125  12″ x 18″ image – $395.00

River Sunset – Giclee on Canvas is limited to an edition of 125 12″ x 18″ – $495.00

Paper or Canvas


Been Fishin’ – Symbols of the rivers of Chesapeake Bay: an old wooden boat in the shallows and a great blue heron flying out of a cover — both have been fishin’!

Been Fishin’

Been Fishin‘ – Lithograph print limited to an edition of 250 12″ x 18″  $250.00

Been Fishin‘ – Giclee on Canvas limited to an edition of 50 12″ x 18″ $425.00

lithograph or giclee


Dayshift -Great Blue Herons, solitary most of the year, seem to us to work in shifts.  This guy, the day shift, came at daybreak and waits motionless in the shallows by the sun struck marshes for the bounty provided by the changing tide.


Dayshift – Lithograph print limited to an edition of 250 12″ x 18″$250.00

Dayshift – Giclee on Canvas limited to an edition of 50 12″ x 18″ $425.00

lithograph or giclee



According to Google there are about 11 definitions of the word ‘print’ on the web, one of which is ‘to reproduce by printing.’

And of course it follows that there are as many printing processes (or more) than there are definitions of the word ‘print’.

In artistic circles the word ‘print’ takes on a different meaning than when used by the masses of people who have come to identify almost any printed piece (and originals for that matter) as a ‘print.’

It is not the purpose here to explain each process in detail, but rather make things clear enough that an interested individual will be able to tell what type of reproduction it is they are interested in.

Offset Lithographic Reproductions

Our offset lithographic reproductions are what the vast majority have come to think of as a ‘print’. They are printed on paper by mechanical presses using a four color process.

All Bill’s lithographic “prints” are approved by his eye. The edition is then signed and numbered. All overruns are destroyed.

Giclee Printing

Giclee printing (pronounced jee-clay) is the most up to date process of art reproduction. Simply stated, images are captured digitally, stored in a computer and sent directly to a high resolution printer.

This technology in the hands of a master printmaker, provides incredible detail, crisp contrast, intense color and depth and the wonderful variations in tone that were present in the original.

In any field there are varying levels and compromising ways of operation. Many studios scan art on their desktop scanner and print out on their ink jet and call it a giclee.

The other end of the spectrum is the museum quality giclee reproduction, with a level of detail and texture that cannot be obtained with a desk top scanner and consumer digitizing equipment. The are recognized by authorities as “the next best thing to owning the original” and can be found in some of the world’s finest museums, art galleries and the most prestigious private collections.

This is the type of giclee reproduction we offer you.

Our giclee reproductions are produced with a pigment based archival ink system. Life span estimates of longevity are in excess of 100 years with no noticeable fading.